8ft x 10ft Large Format Banner Stand

Need a larger display for your tradeshow booth or next event? This 8-foot x 10-foot Large Format Banner Stand hardware set will help you get the job done. The set includes two steel bases, telescopic poles, and a carrying bag for convenience. Walk-by traffic can’t help but notice your banner as the highlight of your display.

Your banner should make a big impact and attract the kind of attention you and your business deserve. To help you get your custom banner (not included) set up, you’ll appreciate the ease of adjusting both the height and width for your needs. If you need a personalized printed banner to fit this stand, go to this indoor banner webpage for the details.

This 8 foot x 10 foot Large Format Banner Stand hardware only set includes:

  • Two formed bases (steel) sized 3”x16”
  • Telescopic poles that allow for easy adjustment
    Adjustable width: 8 ft to 10 ft
    Adjustable height: 8 ft to 10 ft    
  • One handy carry bag with dimensions: 7” x 7” x 44”

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Total : $ 199.00