Make a significant impact at your upcoming event with a stunning custom canopy or custom tent! Serving as temporary shelters, these versatile structures are perfect for creating eye-catching booths at school fairs, tradeshows, and various organizational functions. With their portability and visual appeal, you'll find yourself bringing your custom canopy wherever there's foot traffic to effectively promote your business.

The canopies come in two generous sizes: 10 feet and 20 feet. Plus, these beauties are waterproof and feature fire-certified fabric. The aluminum frame comes with a one-year warranty and includes adjustable legs. It can be customized to reflect your organization’s style. Choose “Hardware and Print” to get the package including canopy, frame, soft bag, stakes, and bungee.

10ft Canopy Commercial Custom Aluminum [Canopies]

10ft Canopy Commercial Custom Aluminum

This 10-foot canopy is made of waterproof, fire-certified UV vinyl and printed via dye sublimation. Adjustable aluminum frame adjusts to 5 heights 123” to 135.”

20ft Canopy Commercial Custom Aluminum [Canopies]

20ft Canopy Commercial Custom Aluminum

Printed via dye sublimation, the UV vinyl on this 20-foot canopy is waterproof and fire-certified. The aluminum frame is adjustable to 5 lengths from 123” to 135.”