Let MyPrintEasy supply you with personalized packaging boxes to meet your needs. We provide varying solutions that even include smart automation to ensure the highest level of accuracy.

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We know the importance of finding the right packaging solution for your product to stay competitive. Whether you need folded cartons for pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, or packaging for small businesses, we provide exceptional quality and service, and we can help you with package design.

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We ensure label accuracy in the packaging creation process. Our barcode scanning capability ensures you comply with critical industry label regulations including the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act. This technology is built into our equipment and provides quality control of packaging and labeling to help ensure consumer safety.

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Surround your products with beautifully printed packaging or choose the mailer style to send samples to customers. Choose the versatility of our 16- and 24-point stock folded boxes and packaging options. MyPrintEasy provides custom printed boxes, sleeves, trays, seal ends, slipcases, and more.

Secure your products in personalized packaging boxes by MyPrintEasy.

MyPrintEasy brings a wide array of different types and sizes of folded boxes to accommodate your unique needs. We provide specialized printing, barcode scanning, folding, and gluing services to produce the right package at the greatest value. Discover our competitive rates and diversified folded container solutions as part of your supply chain needs.

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See what our folded cartons can do for your products!

Sleeve Cartons

The sleeve style is great alone or as a basic structure for multi-packaging systems.

Rectangular Sleeve

Simply constructed, this sleeve functions as a stand-alone or underlying structure for other boxes. It also serves as slip-on covers in tray/sleeve combinations, making it an asset to your packaging supplies.

These boxes feature locked sides or glued seams.

Full-color printing is available on all sides.

A great option for use with multi-unit packaging.

This sleeve is a popular choice for many products.

Rectangular Sleeve
Tuck Cartons

Choose from many tuck options including reverse and straight versions.


Standard Reverse Tuck (SRT)

These boxes are easy to open and close but unlikely to open unintentionally at the carton’s base. They are suitable for manual or automated assembly.

The joint is located at the seam along the box’s right-side panel in the rear.

The carton includes friction lock closure on top and slit lock closure on the bottom.

Top and bottom closure panels swing in opposite directions.


French Reverse Tuck (FRT)

Unlike the Standard Reverse Tuck, the bottom closure on this container is attached in the rear and tucks towards carton front. The top closure joins in front and tucks towards the back.

The finished look of this packaging allows for more latitude in graphic design.

Slit jock closure style or friction lock is also available for top and bottom.

Style shown features a slit (pie) lock bottom and friction lock top.


Standard Straight Tuck (SST)

This carton works beautifully for your products that require a primary panel featuring a large display window. The tuck (fold) closures are located in the back to conceal the raw edges of the front display panel.

This tuck avoids interference between the tuck and window film material.

This packaging carton features a primary display panel with a large window.

Suitable option for manual or automated assembly and closing applications.


Airplane Style Straight (AST)

This option differs from the Standard Straight Tuck with closure panels on the bottom and top. These panels swing from the rear of the carton and tucks in the front.

This is a great choice for lighter-weight products.

An easy box to assemble, this option is designed to load quickly.

Products can be loaded on either side reducing manual assembly times.

Lock Cartons

These secure packaging options are printed for branding impact and designed to withstand rough handlers.

Rectangular Sleeve

Mailer Lock

The mailer box option is a favorite for packing and sending product samples. This popular carton works well as a shipping box and is designed for manual assembling, filling, and sealing.

This sturdy container withstands rough handling.

The tongue or lock tab prevents opening in transport.

Print on all sides of packaging for maximum impact.


Tuck and Tongue

Similar to the Mailer Lock, this carton is assembled, filled, and sealed manually. In addition, this style is designed to take abuse yet withstand inadvertently opening while in transit.

The product’s design keeps closures securely engaged.

This box can be printed on all sides.

Tuck and Tongue style is designed to take rough handling.

Rectangular Sleeve

Bellows (Gusset) Tuck

The Bellows Tuck features sturdy corners and like the Mailer Lock carton, is designed to take on tough handlers. Great alternative for sending out samples!

All the closures on this box stay securely closed.

Printing can be done on all sides of this box.

This Bellows Tuck version is manually set up, filled, and closed.

Seal End Cartons

Our seal end options are popular for cereal boxes, various foods, and other uses.


Full Overlap Seal End (FOSE)

These regular tuck flap cartons feature overlapping flaps that slide on top of each other providing an easy and secure opening.

Printing is available in full color, allowing for graphic liberty.

This type of packaging box is perfect for storage.

The box’s design provides added strength in assembly.


Partial Overlap Seal End (POSE)

A favorite as cereal boxes, the top and bottom closure panels on this POSE style are just wide enough for overlapping with an adhesive seal.

This design gives added strength during assembly.

The POSE is an excellent choice for storing contents.

All sides can be printed with your amazing graphics.


Economy Overlap Seal End (EOSE)

This option provides lots of room for creativity with printing on all sides yet still a great economical choice!

This design can be reverse-nested by reversing panel positions.

EOSE is a smart choice for cosmetics, food, and other retail products.

There is no need for adhesive with this option.


1-2-3 Houghland Snap Lock Bottom

Better known today as the 1-2-3 closure, this type of box closure is typically used at the box’s bottom and paired along with a top tuck.

This packaging container is manually assembled and sealed.

This type of closure can also work with shallow depth, tube-style counter display versions.

The 1-2-3 closure is designed to be secure.


Himes Lock, Automatic Bottom

This is a great carton option for your smaller production volume needs that require a fast setup.

This box is pre-glued in the convertor’s facility.

Automatic Bottom is also referred to as Popcorn Bottom, Economy, and Crash Lock.

The Himes Lock, Automatic Bottom style is assembled by hand.


Full Flap Automatic Bottom

This packaging option works well with heavier contents or when product is concentrated lengthwise on the central axis. It is also a good substitute for the Himes Lock or Crash Lock.

The Full Flap Automatic Bottom container is assembled by hand.

This carton is generally used when requiring a fast setup for smaller volumes.

A great choice for use with heavier products/contents.


Tuck and Seal End Combination with Zipper

If you need an initial/original secure closure as well as a functional reclosure, this Tuck and Seal End Combination is a perfect choice.

Use this container as an alternative for the FOSE.

This carton features a zipper-type strip within the outer closure panel.

Customers love the fun peel-off “zipper.”


Double Sidewall/Double Endwall Simplex Tray

This option can be assembled by machine or by hand and features an inner side panel that is not as wide as its outer side panel.

This carton’s inner side panel depth is less than 1/8” to ¼.”

The inner end panel depth of this box is less than 1/32” and offset 1/32.”

Gusset or outer side panel of the tray is offset 1/32.”

Tray Cartons

These packaging options are great for a variety of products and other contents.

Rectangular Sleeve

Four Corner Beers Tray (a.k.a.) Biers

Choose this Four Corner Beers Tray for a sturdy option that resists collapsing.

This tray is most often manually filled and assembled.

Sturdiness is a result of the non-tapered flap that drags along the bottom panel.

Alternative versions include the “full drag” or “stay up.”


Infold/Outfold Tray

Another good choice for a wide array of products, this tray features angles on both side panels.

Provides sufficient friction between bottom and lid from inward collapsing infold top.

Infold/Outfold Tray is glued by the converter before being shipped flat to the end-user.

This tray features an out-fold bottom that is easily filled.

Rectangular Sleeve

Four Corner Beers with Top Tuck Closure (a.k.a.) Biers

An excellent option for a wide variety of lightweight contents and shipped flat to end-user.

Generally, this option is manually assembled, loaded, and sealed.

These containers accommodate various types of lighter-weight products.

This version of tray is glued by the converter.


Six Corner (Point) Beers (a.k.a.) Biers

Also, a part of the tray group, this version is glued by the convertor before shipping flat to the end-user.

PSix Corner Beers is a favorite choice of bakeries.

A great alternative to the Four Corner Beers version.

The lid locks in place (doesn’t tuck) on the front panel.

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