Perfect Bound Catalogs

Catalogs play a significant role in selling your company’s products and services. Put your best look forward with printed perfect-bound catalogs to spotlight all of what you have to offer. Perfect binding provides a sharp and well “polished” feel and look to encourage more sales.

As softcover books, these printed catalogs can also take the form of annual reports, manuals, and other organizational uses. These catalogs also stack nicely for shipping and storage. They provide a beautifully organized and uniform look for your tradeshow and networking events. In addition, the perfect binding allows for printing on the spine.

Product Features

  • These are high-quality softcover catalogs that accommodate 30 to 400 pages.
  • The durable perfect binding can withstand extreme temperatures.
  • The effective adhesive provides strong and durable binding.
  • Choose from a variety of finishes and paper stock options.
  • Printing on the spine is available with this type of binding.


  • Upload your design via a PDF file.
  • 300 dpi resolution is recommended.
  • Provide CMYK color to ensure quality results.


What is perfect-bound?
Perfect bound refers to a bookbinding process that uses an adhesive to secure all of the interior pages and cover.

What kind of adhesive is used in the perfect binding process?
The adhesive used in perfect-bound catalogs is EVA adhesive glue. This type of adhesive has a quick cure time and can be used with a wide range of paper stocks.

Why is this process referred to as perfect binding?
The word “perfect” in this case is specific to the process itself. The cover of your catalog and all interior pages are cut to a uniform size and trimmed once again following binding. The result is a polished (perfect) and consistent look.

Is there a recommended number of pages for perfect-bound catalogs?
Design and include as many pages as you like. Perfect binding accommodates hundreds of pages.

Does this type of binding allow printing on the spine?
Absolutely! Feel free to add a title, season, year, or anything else you might want to include.

Are there any other suggested uses for these perfect-bound catalogs?
As softcover books, these catalogs can take on different purposes for many types of businesses and organizations. Some examples include annual reports, educational books, workbooks, manuals, and so much more.

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