Saddle Stitch Books

Suitable for booklets, magazines, reports, brochures, catalogs, or newsletters, the possibilities of saddle stitch may surprise you. Saddle stitching gives your material a sleek and professional look that confirms your organization’s credibility.

Saddle stitch binding is perfect for your smaller projects and booklet needs. It’s very popular for so many different types of booklets ranging from 8 to 64 pages (including cover). Of course, the type of binding you choose will also depend on your selected paper. Using a simple process of folding and stapling, your booklets will still “wow” customers, stakeholders, employees, and members!

Product Features

  • Ideal for booklets and smaller page projects
  • Print and secure 8 to 64 pages including cover.
  • The process involves folding sheets in half and stapling down the center.
  • Printed in full color on both sides.


  • Upload required PDF file.
  • Submit your design in 300 dpi.
  • CMYK color is suggested for optimum results.

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